About Me

Hi there,


My name is Forndel Stossuts and I am a restaurant owner. I got into the restaurant business due to my mother and father, who loved to cook. Everything I know about cooking I learned at home, the way it should be, right?

As I grew up, while all the other young men were into cars, I was into cooking. And let me tell you, it worked well with the girls..lol. It still amazes me how my friends didn’t catch on that women are impressed with a man (or young man in my case) who knows his way around a kitchen and can cook a great and edible meal. So, I did go to culinary school, but even though I got my degree, I feel that my most important lessons were taught to me in my parent’s kitchen.

Now, onto my blog. Well, obviously, it will be about restaurants and eateries, all kinds of them. From the small ones you might not even notice, whether you live in a certain city, or ones that you might have heard of, I am going to tell you of the ones I have eaten at (and THERE ARE PLENTY!!!) and what their specialty is.